Community Centre committee resigns

Thorney library

The management committee of the Community Centre in Church Street have resigned.

Their resignation, effective from the end of October, means there is no management committee in place and no-one to take bookings.

The committee was down to three people – John Bartlett, Jean Bartlett and Russ Bevington. In a statement, they explained they were quitting for a number of reasons:

  • the uncertainty of the future of the building within the City Council’s review of assets in Thorney
  • the prolonged negotiations of Thorney Pre-School’s move to the Children’s Centre at the Duke of Bedford School and the present financial situation of Pre-School.

“These are all items over which the committee members have no control and were, therefore, uncomfortable about. Before a final decision was made the matter of withdrawing their services was discussed with our local City Councillor and a representative from the City Council.

“Meetings were subsequently held with the two main users of the building – Pre-School and Rainbows/Brownies and Guides and neither party raised any objections to any of the decisions that had been made.

“Both groups were given the name of the person at the City Council to contact regarding their future use of the building. All other users have also been appraised of the situation. It was made clear that any outstanding monies from Pre-School would not be pursued.”

Over the years, the management committee has accumulated a sum of money and this has been deposited in a dedicated account for the benefit of the community, held for the time being by Thorney Parish Council.

This money is now available to be spent on community projects and people are free to apply to the Parish Council.

“This transfer of funds is acceptable to both our City Councillor and Peterborough City Council,” the management committee statement said.

The city council plans to sell the Community Centre and Library buildings in Church Street and Thorney Parish Council is anxious to see the money from the sal retained in the village, not go into the council’s general coffers.


  • We haven’t had a meeting with the committee or council,
    we are very worried of our future, Girlguiding is voluntary run for girls to have fun, gain life skills and to be just themselves.
    It’s very sad to have such a lovely building to be taken from under us with no alternative.

  • Margaret Dewing

    Why don’t the Abbey PCC ask the council to let them have the building at a very good price !!! which would give them all that is needed in the way of Toilets, meeting,storge & catering facilities that is so needed .This would then save the Abbey from being Desecrated in way that is planned. A toilet just inside the main door a sink on the other side !! and modern glass doors !! this will take away the beauty that people come to see in such an Abbey. I have yet to speak to anyone in agreement with what is planned. I could go on & on with the comments of many! PCC, Please, please,think again, before you go down the road of letting this all happen To our BEAUTIFUL ABBEY. Modern will not do anything to complement the Abbey.

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