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Gores Farm turbines cut from eight to seven

View Bukehorn Road

Developers have cut the number of wind turbines at Gores Farm from eight to seven in a revised plan submitted to Peterborough City Council.

The development, just to the west of Thorney, would be adjacent to another, separate proposed wind-farm at Willowhall which has five turbines, making 12 between the two sites. You can see a plan of the new layout here.

Developers, West Coast Energy, says the reduction in the number of turbines will reduce the visible impact and, in particular, on the view of Thorney Abbey. It claims no wind turbines will be able to be seen from The Green.

The revised planning documents can be seen here: or by visiting the city council’s customer service centre in Bayard Place, Broadway, which is open from 9-5pm Monday to Friday (from 11am on Wednesdays). If you want to see them, the reference number you’ll need is 13/00431.

People have until June 11 to comment on the plan and can make submissions in writing, by e-mail or online.

The seven turbines would have a height of about 127 metres to the tip of the highest blade and a capacity of up to 21 megawatts. West Coast Energy says this would provide power for more than 11,000 homes.

Like other wind-farms in the area, the developers are committed to paying an annual sum as a community fund, which would be split between “good causes” and discounts in electricity bills for properties within a certain range. This may amount to £84,000 per annum and continue for the projected life of the wind-farm of 25 years.

In their submission, the developers claim the removal of one turbine “will reduce the horizontal spread of turbines so that they are entirely to the right of the church towers in views from the northeast and none will be visible from Thorney Green. This will result in a reduction in the degree of effect on St Mary and St Botolph’s Church from moderate significance to minor significance.”