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80 Homes planned on Sandpit Road site

Plans to build 80 homes on farmland to the south of Sandpit Road have been unveiled.

The proposals are for a development of houses of mixed sizes, including a number of affordable homes and bungalows.

People will be able to see an exhibition on the development at the Bedford Hall on Thursday, July 30. It will be open from 3pm to 7.30pm.

The site is one of a number in the village that was selected by Peterborough City Council and approved by the Planning Inspector as suitable for residential development. It is at the extreme eastern end of the village and to the south of existing housing in this area.

Although access to the site via Sandpit Road was considered acceptable by the City Council and Planning Inspector, this road will only be used for emergency access. Primary access will be from Wisbech Road via a new road crossing the farmland to the east of the existing housing.

Developers say a generous strip of land will be left between the new road and the housing for use as an area of landscaped public open space.

The proposals show a layout of approximately eighty dwellings of mixed sizes and types including a number of affordable houses and bungalow units. As this is only a preliminary proposal, the details of numbers, housing type, materials, etc is still to be confirmed.

Thorney Parish Council considered the plans at a meeting last month and had no objections.

“As the site is already approved by the City Council it is likely that its development will be approved and it is important, therefore, that the parish gets the best from it,” said parish councillor, Russ Bevington.