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Is there a ghost in Bedford Hall?

The Bedford Hall may have a resident ghost – and it’s not very happy.

Ghosthunters from a group called ParaLincs and members of the Thorney Society spent a spooky night in the Bedford Hall and Thorney Museum and some evidence of paranormal activity was detected.

Two groups of six people spent two-hour sessions in different locations with men and women taking it in turn to ask “is there anyone there.”

A specialist video camera detected a mysterious mist across the lens in the museum and lasers set up in the bar area of the Bedford Hall detected a number of interruptions.

The final tests, detecting and interpreting radio waves, found an angry presence emitting signals which ParaLincs interpreted as a message to “leave immediately”. To avoid antagonising the presence further, the tests were terminated.

Jayne Sheraton from the Thorney Society, said it had been an interesting evening and people had gone with an open mind. She said there had once been a mortuary sited behind the bar area at Bedford Hall and so the activity detected there was of particular interest.

“ParaLincs is a small team of friends who are passionate about searching for evidence of the paranormal in their spare time,” said Jayne. “They used laser beams, photography, video, audio and radio detection. We are still awaiting the findings and transcript of the event and, whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, I can confirm that the whole exercise was carried out with great respect and professionalism.”

Jayne also had a good word for Thorney teenagers. “There was a group of young people hanging around outside. They were really interested in what we were doing and very considerate. They even moved away when it was clear their talking was interfering with some of the detection equipment.”