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Defibrillator Awareness Evening next week

Keep Thorney Beating, the campaign to buy a defibrillator for the village, has now installed the machine at Thorney Medical Centre.

Next Thursday, September 10, there’s a special meeting at the Bedford Hall at 7pm to which everyone in the village is invited.

The evening is to explain how the machine works and how it is used. It is also an opportunity for people willing to volunteer as VETS (Volunteer Emergency Telephone Service) to find out more about that role. VETS would be notified when the defibrillator needs to be used and help make sure it’s used properly and returned safely for future use.

So far around nine people have put their names forward, but if anyone else is interested, they can contact organisers Lynn or Mick Batterbee on 270670.

Lynn is also keen to hear suggestions for where they can position signs telling people the location of the defibrillator.

“Most people in the village will know it’s at the Medical Centre, so these are probably going to be more use for people visiting Thorney. We need to find the right places, so any suggestions would be helpful.”

Keep Thorney Beating raises £3,500 in three months

Coffee morning

Keep Thorney Beating – the fund-raising campaign to buy a life-saving heart defibrillator for the village – has raised £3,500 since February.

A coffee morning on Saturday added £475.85 to bring the total up to £3,493.35.

Lynn Batterbee, one of the organisers, said they now had enough money to buy the machine and she is placing the order as soon as they have been able to arrange public liability insurance. The machine will be sited at Thorney Medical Centre on an external wall by the entrance, so it’s available to use 24 hours a day.

The coffee morning was at Lynn’s home in St Botolph’s Way and she said she was really grateful for the support. Books and gifts that were not sold will be given to charity shops raising money for the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research and also handed on to the Royal British Legion Women’s Section for their coffee morning at Thorney Ex-Servicemen’s Club on May 30 (full details in our Events section).

Keep Thorney Beating also hopes to recruit a small team of villagers willing to act as “responders” to help if the defibrillator is needed. Their job would be to provide support to help the machine to be used properly and also make sure it was kept safe after use. Full training will be given and if anyone would be willing to volunteer they can contact Lynn or Mick Batterbee on 270670.

New campaign aims to Keep Thorney Beating!


A fund-raising campaign has been launched to buy a defibrillator for the village.

The equipment could save the life of someone who has suffered a heart attack and the plan is to put it on the wall inside the porch at the doctors’ surgery so it’s available any time of day or night.

Behind the campaign are Mick and Lynn Batterbee of St Botolph’s Way. Mick and Lynn, backed by their family, have set themselves to task of raising £2,500 to buy the equipment and install it.

The campaign — called Keep Thorney Beating — kicked off with a fund-raising fashion show at the Bedford Hall in March and there’s a coffee morning planned at their home – 3 St Botolph’s Way – on Saturday, May 16.

The group is keen to hear other ideas for raising money and from anyone willing to help. They are also on the look-out for people willing to act as first responders to help if someone has suffered heart failure.

Mick had the idea of providing a defibrillator after a friend’s life was saved by one sited in John Lewis in Queensgate. The machines (like the one pictured) are now quite common in public places – stations, shopping centres and also at strategic points in towns and villages.

The machine is designed to restart the heart after an attack and is simple to use, being designed to be operated by untrained people. It sits inside a special case, but would be accessible 24 hours a day.

“We thought the doctors’ surgery would be the best place for it and they were kind enough to agree to put it inside the porch,” said Mick. “It’s the obvious place, people will know it’s there and it’s pretty central for the village.”

The group has a Facebook page which you can find at www.facebook.com/Keepthorneybeating. For more information, or if you’re willing to help, call Lynn or Mick Batterbee on 270670.