Woburn Drive housing plans revealed

Larkfleet Homes has announced detailed plans for housing development at the end of Woburn Drive, Thorney.

On Tuesday this week, Thorney Parish Councillors, Russ Bevington, David Buddle and John Bartlett, along with Peterborough City Councillor, Richard Brown, met with Mark Mann and Jonathan Wells from Larkfleet Homes, to discuss their forthcoming planning application with Peterborough City Council. This will be submitted by the end of July 2015.

Larkfleet Homes has outline planning consent to build 80 houses on this site at the end of Woburn Drive.

Larkfleet has now said that 24 will be classed as social housing (four one-bedroom houses, 13 two-bedroom houses and seven three-bedroom houses) and  70 per cent of these will be rented, with the rest being shared-equity housing.  Parking will be in designated areas off the highway.  

At this stage Larkfleet Homes could not say who the social landlord will be.  John Bartlett, chairman of Thorney Parish Council said that he knew our MP, Stuart Jackson, was concerned about the high proportion of social housing and that he would be speaking to the Planning Department.

The remaining 56 homes will be privately owned and all will have garages and solar panels on their roofs. There will be three-bedroom, four-bedroom and five-bedroom houses.

There is a public open area with a pond to take all the surface water that drains off this site. Each property will contribute yearly to this open space provision.  

Work on site could start in November 2015 once “Reserved Matters” are approved.  This would be constructing the road and laying of all the services.  The building work is estimated to take two years.

Thorney Parish Council has asked Larkfleet Homes if they will arrange a manned display in the village, so residents of Thorney can see what is planned and ask questions of the developer.  

The Parish Council is urging people to contact Larkfleet to press for this to happen. Contact is Louise Harrison on 01733 207347 or louise.harrison@athene-communications.co.uk


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