Wisbech Road closed from Monday

Work starts on improving drainage in the east of the village on Monday (June 8).

This will mean that Wisbech Road (B1167) will be closed just to the east of Sandpit Road. The work will take up to four weeks.

The work is a continuation of improvements to the Steward’s House Drain which runs alongside Wisbech Road and takes water from the village out into the surrounding fen. It involves putting a new culvert under the road to divert water to the north of the village where there is better capacity to cope with large flows during heavy rain.

The drain in front of the Duke of Bedford School has already been piped and covered over for safety reasons. The drain in front of houses along Wisbech Road will remain open and act as an additional overflow to prevent flooding.

Ed Johnson, operations engineer at the North Level Internal Drainage Board, said they would try to keep one of the footpaths open while work was taking place, but the road would have to be closed.

Park Crescent and Sandpit Road may be used to bypass the closure and refuse collections will continue as normal. The X1 and 36 bus services will be altered however. The X1 will drop off and pick up at Orchard Court on The Causeway accessing via Station Road. Stagecoach says the 36 will also not run past the Rose and Crown because of difficulties turning round further into the village. This will also pick up and drop off at Orchard Court.

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