Wisbech Road closed for four weeks

The main road through the village will be closed for four weeks from June 8 to allow a new culvert to be constructed.

Closure will be just to the east of Sandpit Road (Wisbech side).

The work is being undertaken by the North Level Internal Drainage Board as part of its plans to prevent flooding in the village.

The Steward’s House Drain, which runs alongside Wisbech Road, was culverted in front of the Duke of Bedford School during April. The next stage of the work involves installing a large culvert under Wisbech Road to carry water away to the north of the village.


  • C.L Gagen

    Will the x1 bus still run through the village?

    • Carol barber

      It will use the bypass then along Station Road before stopping opposite Orchard Court on The Causeway. This will be the only stop for the X1 in Thorney.

  • Enid Knight

    Will the X1 and the 36 bus still come through the village and will people still be able to get in and out of the village in their cars. Also will the dustbins still be collected and also emergency services if required have access to Woburn Drive from Wisbech Road?

    • Eric Rayner

      The road will be closed to the east (Wisbech side) of Sandpit Road, so Woburn Drive won’t be affected. It seems the X1 will pick up and drop off at the bus stop on The Causeway (opposite Orchard Court), the 36 will go as far as Sandpit Road where it will turn around, so the bus stop in front of school will remain in use. Bins should not be affected. Park Crescent and Sandpit Road will provide a loop around the closed section of Wisbech Road. The work will help prevent flooding in Thorney in the event of heavy rain, so some pain for some gain.

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