Water main bursts on Wisbech Road

2016-12-13 09.02.29

Residents on Wisbech Road woke up this morning to find a huge pool of water just inches from their doors.

A water main burst during the night opposite Woburn Drive and flooded the front gardens of half a dozen homes.

It was spotted about 6am and it was about an hour before Anglian Water arrived.

Parish councillor Dorothy Halfhide, who lives in one of the cottages affected said the engineers were at first unable to locate the stop cock to turn the water off and it took almost an hour before the flow of water could be stemmed.

Other residents had called the fire brigade, who said they would not attend because it was not a life-threatening situation. They eventually relented and sent a tender from Dogsthorpe, which was able to pump water across Wisbech Road into the open drain that runs alongside the road.

Water levels were going down from about 8.30am, but it had been a close-run thing. “The water was just an inch or so from flooding into our house,” said Dorothy Halfhide.

“It reached that point and was then running off around the end of the houses and into gardens.”

Some of the houses have solid floors and some have floorboards and a cavity. It’s not clear at this stage whether water has got underneath floorboards in some properties.

Other parts of Thorney were affected by low water pressure due to the leak and shutting off supply.

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