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App for Thorney

A new mobile App will be launched for the village later this summer.

The app is intended to work alongside the Thorney Post and the Facebook Community Forum to serve as a quick and easy guide to local businesses, parish councillors, city councillors and local clubs and organisations.

Sections can be added to present further information as required – whether for events, topical issues, community initiatives, etc. A meeting for the local groups and organisations will be arranged following launch to discuss how they can use the App to communicate with their individual groups.

The business directory will initially be created from those advertising in the Thorney Post – at no additional cost to them – and will include contact information, company profile and links to their website and social media pages.

The App for the village will be included in the launch of a new mobile App platform created by local resident Michael Shuster.

“We’ve been using our system to deliver mobile apps for local businesses and organisations for the last few years – including grassroots football leagues, County Football Associations and business networking groups.

We’re now adapting our system to create an ‘app community’ where people can have a huge amount of information available to them for ease of access whenever and wherever it may be required, in a way that is affordable to small businesses and organisations and helpful in improving their communications and engagement.

Our App community will be called Robin Road (searchable in App Store and Google Play hopefully from September) and is sufficiently flexible to apply to most types of businesses – please visit or contact Michael on 07957 576765 for more information.

Please note that the App for Thorney is being delivered at no cost to the village and will be administered by Michael Shuster.

Eric Rayner, editor of the Thorney Post, said: “This might be the future for village news. We’re very happy to work with a local business, giving them access to articles and data, to help get this off the ground.”


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