Two new quarries proposed in Thorney

Quarry 1

Two new quarries in Thorney are in the early stages of planning.

This is in addition to the three working quarries within the parish right now.

At this stage, the two new quarries are listed on Peterborough City Council’s Mineral and Waste planning documents and the council is now in the process of assessing the plans.

One of the new sites is at Little Towers Fen which is north of Bukehorn Road. This is a massive quarry with a site area of 230ha reaching almost to Crowland and running alongside the Crowland Road. The proposed opening date is 2030, by which time the reserves in other quarries in the area will have been exhausted.

The second site is at Haynes Farm to the south of the A47 and just beyond Pasture House farm Quarry, which opened for extraction this week and which has caused major disruption on the A47 as the junction with Willow Hall Lane has been altered. Only the part of this quarry east of the Cat’s Water is in Thorney Parish, the remainder is in Eye. The proposed opening date for this quarry is 2028.

It’s not currently clear where access would be, although Little Towers Fen would have to be reached either via Bukehorn Road or Crowland Road; while Haynes Farm quarry access would logically be from the A47.

The city council has asked for comments on these two additional quarries by July 10. Thorney Parish Council will discuss them at their next meeting on July 8 and members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting. They can otherwise make any comments they may have direct to the city council. These should be addressed to Chris Stanek at

Quarrying at Gores Farm, to the west of the Whittlesey Road and once the site of a proposed wind-farm, has been given the green light by the city council, but another proposed quarry at Middle West Farm, to the north of the A47 opposite the existing Pode Hole Farm Quarry was turned down. Thorney Parish Council had expressed concern about lorry traffic on the A47 in relation to this proposal.

The city council has sufficient quarries to meet demand up to 2036 and had not asked for additional sites to be put forward. It has a statutory duty to consider the merits of both Haynes Farm and Little Towers Fen, however.

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