Thorney misses wind-farm electricity discounts

Wrydecroft windfarm 1 LR

Of the 340 homes eligible for discounted electricity bills from the Wrydecroft wind-farm, none are in the main village of Thorney.

To qualify for the £200 a year discount, homes have to be within 3km of the nearest turbine. The nearest homes to the wind-farm (in Park Crescent) are just over 4km distant. The 3km radius reaches only as far as the junction of Wisbech Road and Old Knarr Fen Road.

Alison Jones of wind-farm operators RES, said because the lay-out of the turbines was in a long line, the area eligible for discounts was a long oval shape. It included Thorney Toll and parts of Gedney Hill.

Alison said more than 70 per cent of eligible homes had taken up the offer and all homes that fall within 3km had been written to.

“It is possible some letters have gone astray or there’s an error on the postcode. If people think they qualify and haven’t heard from us, they can call 0800 011 3341 to check.

Turbines on the Wrydecroft wind-farm began turning in January and testing has been ongoing. The turbines are expected to be connected to the national grid this month.

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