Thorney helps Syrian refugees


Thorney responded with generosity when a local couple decided to try to put together bags of clothes and provisions for refugees of the Syrian civil war.

Matt and Claire Ratcliff, who live in Whittlesey Road, were overwhelmed by the kindness of villagers and they managed to put together 120 bags, plus a large number of blankets, coats and other warm clothes.

Their house was turned into a sorting and packing centre for a week and, with help from friends, donations were sorted into bags for babies, children, women and men.

There were also more than 50 blankets, duvets, sleeping bags and eiderdowns donated; plus winter coats, cardigans, fleeces, jumpers and scarves.

The idea of using strong zip-top bags to pack the clothes, means that refugees also get a useful waterproof bag which will help keep things dry in the refugee camps.

Matt and Claire drove the bags down to a charity in London called Anaya Aid and they are now on their way overland to Kehanley on the Turkish/Syrian border. From there, the Red Crescent distributes bags to those in need.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who helped and all those people who donated clothes, bedding and cash,” said Claire. “It was absolutely fantastic.”

Claire decided to try to help Syrian refugees after hearing a documentary on Radio 4 and not content with her efforts so far, she and Matt are planning a second collection in November, so if you have warm clothes or blankets don’t get rid of them yet.

She and Matt have also organised a charity concert at Childers in Whittlesey on November 19. Full details are on the Thorney Post events page.

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  • Kay Harrington

    Are you still collecting? Or know anyone else who is? I have several blankets & 3 eiderdowns to donate. Charities appeal for blankets & then when you enquire further they ask for money, which isn’t, of course, the point, but I suppose it helps to pay the wages of their executives!

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