Station Road closed for four weeks

Station Road in Thorney is to be closed for four weeks from Monday (November 14).

Closure will be between the traffic lights and The Maltings, meaning people living off Station Road will have to use the bypass and The Causeway to loop around and get back into the village.

Roadworks are to put in a water supply for homes being built behind the Rose & Crown pub.


  • Pete Twiggs

    Just wondering why it will take 4 weeks to dig a trench connect the water pipe and back fill the hole. Seems along time and inconvenience for a job that should only take a few days.

  • Anthony Welsh

    Yes why will it take 4 week’s to dig a hole and lay a water pipe….? For villagers to use the bypass to come back on themselves will mean a 4 mile detour.
    I’m sure connection to the water supply could be made from the main road between the rose and Crown and the local shop.

  • Margaret Fletcher

    Yes, a long time for this job, it seems to me….all the services are needed, but surely a case for double quick application to the job. Not only inconvenience for householders but for those using the Bedford Hall.
    Please support the Christmas Market everyone, and don’t let the extra drive – if it applies to you – put you off. There will be a happy welcome for you!

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