Sandpit Road housing developers want to hear village views

Developers of the new housing estate at the end of Sandpit Road are keen to hear the views of Thorney residents.

They say these will be taken into consideration before final plans are drawn up.

An exhibition, showing the proposed layout of the estate, was held at the Bedford Hall on Thursday and about a hundred people attended. Many left response forms.

Peter Moore of development consultants Bletsoes told Thorney Post the reaction from people visiting had been generally positive. A few suggestions had been noted and people who weren’t able to make it can still comment via e-mail:

A planning application is likely to go to the Peterborough City Council this month and building work may start in late 2016 or early 2017.

The mix of homes will include small terraces, semi-detached, detached and bungalows and housing density will be relatively low – around 25 homes per hectare, compared to 30-35 on most new developments.


  • Lee Levens

    Is the proposed site on the farmland at Park farm?

    • Eric Rayner

      It is, but only part of the farm, not the whole of it. It also contains a small parcel of land owned by Peterborough City Council.

      • Lee Levens

        to confirm, the field at the bottom of sandpit road where the road turns into smithfield ? where the access runs into park farm and the cottages? ( albeit I acknowledge this would allegedly be emergency service access only.)

        • Lee Levens

          Ive found the answer to my question, thanks for your help.

          Quite sad really as we only purchased the house a year ago for that view of the rolling fields specifically.

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