Plans for four executive homes off The Causeway

Causeway Lodge

Rose Homes of Whittlesey has applied for planning permission to demolish Causeway Lodge Farm and associated buildings and build three executive homes.

The company also wants to convert a barn on the site into a fourth home.

The site, on the left-hand side as you enter the village from Peterborough direction, has been derelict for a number of years.

The development would also involve the construction of an access road off The Causeway.

Thorney Parish Council has not objected to the proposals and Dorothy Halfhide said they had to recognise that both the main farmhouse and the cottage are beyond repair.

“I think the proposed buildings look good, and I am very pleased to see that the orchard is largely retained,” she said.


  • Paul Flint

    Causeway Lodge was my childhood home, and it has been sad to see its collapse. Built in 1862, and once a fine house, it probably deserved better. What you can still see of it is an eyesore, and I am amazed that it was not been fenced in years sgo, given how dangerous it is. I am pleased, as I hope my sister is, that the site is going to be cleared and developed. The idea of new generations growing up where once we did is welcome and comforting. Goodbye old house, and thanks for the memories!

    • Rosetta Flint

      I have mixed emotions having had a wonderful childhood at Causeway Lodge and helping our Father on the farm, drivng tractors etc.
      It is a sad-happy time, I echo my brother’s final sentiment.

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