Not car-jacking says witness

The incident in the village yesterday evening was not an attempted car-jacking, a witness has told Thorney Post.

This is what was reported by a driver last night: “We were approaching the school (almost at the mini roundabout) and one of two men stood in the middle of the road waving his arms, so we stopped the car. He began ranting and raving, accusing us of almost knocking a child over on the zebra crossing (there was nobody on or near the crossing when we went by).

“He was beckoning for the driver to get out of the car. Luckily we managed to drive around him as the road was clear on the other side, but it is a worry that they could try this with somebody else.

“Please be vigilant everyone, and keep your car doors locked. I have footage from a dash cam that will be handed to the police.”

However, a woman driving a car immediately behind the incident told a different story. Here’s her version of events:

“Please can I reply to the possible car jacking story anonymously?

“I was directly behind this car at the crossing. There was a young boy waiting to cross on his push bike. Maybe the driver didn’t see him waiting, but he was certainly there and the car drove straight over the zebra crossing. I stopped to allow the boy to cross.

“The man, who I guess was the father, saw what had happened and was obviously worried and angry. He did step in front of the car to vent his anger then stepped back onto the pavement and allowed the car to carry on.

“Hopefully the footage from the dash cam will serve as a warning to the driver to slow down and look out for pedestrians, especially children at zebra crossings.

“As I live near the crossing I see this happening almost daily, drivers not taking care.”

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  • Eileen White

    I have been taking my granddaughter to school and some people never stop at the crossing! Even the X1 bus has gone past while we have been waiting, so it is nothing new

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