New Poppy Organiser for village

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Bev Smith from Eye has taken over from John Culpin as Poppy Area Organiser for Thorney.

She has been the area organiser for Eye for the past five years.

Bev says the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War has generated a lot of additional interest in the Poppy Appeal and sales of poppies have been going well.

She said she loved the efforts the two villages had made to remember the soldiers killed in the First World War. Eye has put large poppies on lamp-posts, along with one of the names of the 41 men from the village who were killed in the Great War.

She thought the soldier silhouettes in Thorney were very evocative and loved the efforts made in the Abbey and the graveyard (see picture).

Bev said she wanted to pay tribute to John and thank him for his many years of hard work for the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal.

You can contact Bev on 222995 or

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