Neighbourhood Watch scheme for village?


A village-wide Neighbourhood Watch scheme is being proposed following a number of burglaries and incidences of vandalism in Thorney.

The woman behind the plan is Parish Councillor Samantha Godley. She suggested the idea on the Thorney’s Facebook forum and now wants to see if the village is behind it.

Samantha plans to hold a public meeting in January where people will be able to find out more.

“The idea came about following the vandalism in the cemetery, along with recent burglary attempts in the area,” she explained. “Quite a few people showed interest in the scheme, so I wanted to try and catch those in the village who perhaps haven’t seen the Facebook post or don’t use Facebook.”

Neighbourhood Watch involves members working together, alongside the Police, sharing concerns and observations, reducing crime and fear of crime and looking out for each other.

“Our scheme would cover the village and those living on the droves, if they wished to join. It would include homes, businesses and our park and cemeteries,” said Samantha

Some of the benefits are:

  • Members looking out for each other, even when they are away.
  • More awareness about local crime – with updates as and when they come through.
  • Feeling safer in your neighbourhood.
  • Potentially discounted home insurance, maybe 5-10%.
  • Access to further low-price crime prevention items, such as purse bells.
  • Feeling less isolated (possibly more so for those living on the outskirts of the village).
  • Older residents may feel re-assured and comforted knowing people are willing to help them if they need it.
  • New residents and families may feel re-assured, knowing that people are looking out for them.
  • Academic Research has shown that Neighbourhood Watch Schemes can reduce crime.

Sam says although signage in Neighbourhood Watch areas is recommended as a deterrent, it is not essential. Those who join could display a window sticker instead which can also be a deterrent.

Joining the scheme is free.

“I am planning a meeting in January for those who are interested to find out more.  One of the Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch Representatives will be there to answer questions.”

Samantha says she will put posters up and advertise the meeting in the Thorney Post Community Forum Facebook page when she has a date and time confirmed.  In the meantime, people can contact her either by email or 07572 876311.

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