Naked man in park – parents warned

A naked man was seen in the park at around 9.30am this morning (Monday).

He was spotted near the tennis courts by Emma Osgood who was just finishing a 5K run.

Emma has reported the incident to the police, who have promised to investigate, but she wanted to let other people know what had happened (especially parents) so they could be vigilant.

She was so shocked by the incident that she ran home. The man didn’t follow. She thinks he was in the bushes by the tennis courts and came out as she ran by.

“I was so shocked and surprised, I just ran,” she said. “He may have meant no harm, but I didn’t hang around.

“If anyone else has seen anything, please report it to the police. I didn’t want to not say anything and then for something dreadful to happen.”

Emma didn’t recognise the man and was so shocked by the incident that she wasn’t able to give a full description. She thinks he was fairly young, slim and about 5ft 8in tall. He didn’t have a beard or long hair. When she got to the park entrance, she looked back and saw a man in black jogging bottoms, but she is not sure if it was the same person.

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