MP says wind farm decision is victory for community


Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson (pictured) issued this statement following news that the government had rejected plans for additional wind turbines at French Drove.

“I’m really pleased at the decision by HM Planning Inspectorate which vindicated all our efforts.

“It shows that if the community works together with a strong argument and marshals their case well, then a poor and inappropriate application can be defeated by the existing planning system.

“That said, had the Secretary of State not responded to my request to use his powers to Call In the plans, it might have been a very different story.

“I’m not against wind turbines full stop – but they have to be placed in appropriate locations and these were not.

“I’d like to thank all those on the campaign team – especially Don and Julie Turner.”

Stewart Jackson played a critical role in helping block the French Drove wind farm. Plans for four more turbines had been approved by Peterborough City Council when Mr Jackson intervened and persuaded Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government in the Conservative/Liberal government, to block the decision and send it to a planning inquiry.

By the time the inquiry had made its recommendations, a new government was in power and onshore wind turbines faced a tougher test to win approval.

Eric Pickles’ successor Greg Clark decided the French Drove plans did not meet that tougher test.

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  • Julie Turner

    Those of us living in Thorney and the surrounding area who have fought these plans are extremely grateful to Stewart Jackson for all his help. Without his support these turbines would have been built and running by now. Now that the Wryde Croft turbines are up and visible from my property at around 3 miles away I have no doubt that surrounding Thorney with these inefficient monstrosities would have had a massive impact on our village. Hopefully this result will mean that the other proposals will now be defeated and then we can all relax. It just proves that we should stick together and never give up even when our council ignores our views and follows its own agenda.

    I would like to thank everyone who has helped us over the last few years and this includes residents in neighbouring villages (especially Newborough Landscape Protection Group) who were amazing offering advice and support at all the most critical times. With limited funds and numbers we wouldn’t have done it without them or Stewart.

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