More village land put forward for housing

Housing site

Another new housing estate has been proposed in the village.

Fields between the windmill and the bypass have been suggested to Peterborough City Council as suitable for building 115 new homes.

This followed four tranches of land in and around the village being suggested last year. Of those, only one has been accepted as suitable.

The city council had asked landowners to put forward development land in the area as part of its Draft Local Plan, which aims to meet Peterborough’s housing and employment needs through to 2036.

The first set of suggestions have all been assessed, but more came through during the summer, along with a number of sites with revised proposals. These will be assessed before November and the final Local Plan will be adopted in autum 2018.

Currently farmland, the new site in Thorney comprises 6.16 hectares and it is suggested that 115 houses could be built there. The land includes a section between the windmill and old garden centre, which could be used as access onto The Causeway. Its eastern border adjoins gardens of houses in Chestnut Drive, Ash Close and Berberis Close.

Thorney Parish council objected to two of the four sites proposed last year on the grounds they were on low-lying land to the north and east of the village that was high flood risk. This latest land falls into the same category and may well be rejected on that basis.

The parish council also feels that with planning permission already approved for around 150 unbuilt homes, the village is near to the total number of new houses it can reasonably accommodate.

There are some very big new sites submitted in other parts of the city. One near Castor proposes 2,500 dwellings. There are two sites in Newborough and a couple in Eye.


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