More detail needed on holiday homes development

Thorney Lakes Lodges

Thorney Parish Council has objected to the development of 17 holiday lodges at Thorney Lakes Golf Course on the grounds that the planning application lacks essential detail.

Work had started on the development prior to planning permission being sought and was the subject of a stop order by Peterborough City Council.

A planning application for 17 lodges was then submitted and came before the Parish Council this week for consideration.

This is their response to the city council:

“On the face of it, the idea of 17 holiday lodges/caravans, the possibility of a viable golf club and associated facilities and the benefits it may bring to the village seem, in principle, like a welcome proposal. However, we are aware of the concerns and objections raised by local residents, a number of whom attended our meeting.

“The main issue with this application, in our opinion, is that the submitted documents do not provide sufficient information for a proper and fair assessment to be made about the proposals and, therefore, the Parish Council objects to the application.

“Without listing all of what we consider to be the shortcomings of the application we mention a few:

• Absence of a Flood Risk Assessment (in previous instances applications that are located in a Flood Risk Zone have been rejected by the City Council if the appropriate Flood Risk documentation is not submitted).

• Greater consideration of the archaeological potential of the site is needed as this was the reason for a previous application on the site being rejected.

• Absence of a Biodiversity + Geological Conservation Report

• Proper information on car parking allocation which is not currently shown on the drawings

• An assessment of noise that may be generated by the leisure activities related to the use of 17 holiday lodges/caravans and associated development as a holiday venue.

• Evidence to substantiate statement that the holiday lodges/caravans will not be visible from the public road (ideally a section drawing showing height relationships between holiday lodges/caravans, the fence and hedge at the boundary and the public road)

• Details of entrance and site lighting together with information about signage

• A Business Plan in accordance with the Planning Policies for The Rural Economy

• Although the website for Thorney Lakes does not form part of the application, there nevertheless seem to be ambiguities between it and the Application. The Application states the holiday lodges/caravans are not residential but the website says, ‘looking for a home you can use 365 days of the year’ which perhaps implies a residence. We believe there needs to be a clear statement as to the use/function of these lodges/caravans.

“Thorney Parish Council request a deferment in respect of this application on the grounds of lack of concise, accurate and comprehensive information. Until such time as the applicant provides the City Council and, thereby, Thorney Parish Council, local and all other residents of Thorney Parish with this information we do not consider it possible to make a properly informed appraisal of the application.

“In the meantime, and in the absence of what is considered to be essential information, Thorney Parish Council confirms that it objects to any approvals being granted to this application.”

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