Mohammed and Olivia most popular baby names in 2015

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The most popular baby names in Peterborough in 2015 were Mohammed for boys and Olivia for girls.

Olivia was used 35 times, closely followed by Amelia and Isla, according to figures released by Peterborough Register Office.

For boys, and for the eighth year in a row, it was Mohammed, used 80 times, followed by Oliver in second and Harry in third place.

Olivia climbed from fourth place in 2014 to take the top spot this year. The favourite name chosen by parents for their baby girl last year, Amelia, dropped to second.

Isla is a high new entry to the top 20 at three. Well-known Islas include the Queen’s great-granddaughter Isla Phillips and Harry Potter character Isla Hitchens.

New entries in the top 20 for boys are Jack, Thomas, Alfie, Isaac, Freddie, William, Joseph and James.

The full top 20 names, including variant spellings, are:

Girls – 1 Olivia, 2 Amelia, 3 Isla, 4 Lily, 5 Emily, joint 6 Mia, Poppy and Sophie, 9 Grace, 10 Isabella, joint 11 Chloe, Ruby and Sophia, 14 Ella, joint 15 Millie and Maya, joint 17 Charlotte and Jessica, joint 19 Ava, Phoebe and Sienna

Boys – 1 Mohammed, 2 Oliver, 3 Harry, 4 Charlie, 5 Jacob, 6 Jack, 7 Noah, 8 Thomas, 9 Alfie, joint 10 George and Isaac, joint 12 Freddie and William, joint 14 Joseph and Oscar, joint 16 Archie, Henry and Joshua, 19 James, 20 Leo

Judy Wilson, superintendent registrar at Peterborough City Council, said: “With the royal baby, Princess Charlotte, born this year it is no surprise to see this name join the top 20 for girls.

“Overall there are no major changes at the top of the lists, with the exception of Isla which has seen a rise in popularity with parents across the country.

“Peterborough has a well established Muslim community and we know parents have a preference to choose Mohammed as a first name for boys. Traditional names like Harry, Jack and Charlie remain strong picks.”

Names to drop out of the lists included Ruby, Darcy, Hannah, Alexander, Daniel and Logan.

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