Local taxes to rise from April

Thorney residents will have to pay an extra £12 per house on average to cover Parish Council spending.

At Monday night’s monthly meeting, the Parish Council voted unanimously to increase their precept to raise £77,000 from the village rather than £65,000 previously. This is an increase of 24 per cent.

There was some concern that such a large percentage increase would look bad, but it was pointed out that there had not been an increase for 10 years.

The precept is a local tax added by the Parish Council to City Council rate bills. The figure of £12 more is an average and higher band homes will pay more, those on a lower band less.

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  • Brian knight

    Do we really need a parish council in this day and age???
    It seems to me that we pay for what the city council should be doing anyway.
    Our village way of life is being eroded by new developments, an overcrowded school, doctors who state(Quote) we can only see you for 10 minutes you will need to make another appointment)
    a depleted bus services, we still got a wind farm which most of us did not want, we still got new developments that made rich farmers richer and put sewage over our street.
    A parish council in today’s age has no real power so why do we need them.?
    Apart from the allotments, Can some one tell me why we need Thorney parish Council.

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