Labour holds Peterborough with increased majority

Lisa Forbes

Labour held Peterborough by an increased majority of 683 in yesterday’s Parliamentary by election.

However, rather than beating the Conservative party into second place, this time it was the new Brexit party that made the greatest challenge.

Lisa Forbes (pictured with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn) was victorious, beating Brexit’s Mike Greene, with the Conservative candidate, Paul Bristow a poor third.

Labour secured 10,484 votes, well down on the 22,950 at the last general election, although turnout was down from 67 per cent to 48 per cent.

Becky Sellick of the Lib-Dems increased her vote from 1,597 to over 4,000 and the Green party also saw an increase.

Full results were:

BRISTOW Paul The Conservative Party Candidate 7,243
FORBES Lisa Labour Party 10,484 E
GOLDSPINK Stephen Kenneth Savill English Democrats -“Putting England First!” 153
GREENE Mike The Brexit Party 9,801
HOPE Howling Laud The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 112
KIRK Pierre Edmond UK European Union Party (UKEUP) 25
MOORE Andrew John 101
O` FLYNN Patrick James SDP Fighting for Brexit 135
RODGERS Dick Common Good: Remain In The EU 60
ROGERS Tom Christian Peoples Alliance 162
SELLICK Beki Liberal Democrats 4,159
SMITH Bobby Elmo 5
WARD Peter Mark Renew 45
WELLS Joseph Green Party 1,035
WHITBY John UK Independence Party 400


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