Johnny prompts Thorney clean-up

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Thorney has got out its scrubbing brushes and mops this week.

On Saturday a team of people, including three ward councillors – Steve Allen, Richard Brown and Nigel Simons – spent the morning washing down dirty road signs in the village.

The clean-up was prompted by Church Street resident Johnny Richardson, who complained about the dirty signs during the election campaign for a replacement city councillor.

Today (Monday), he used Facebook to complain about the state of a bench on Wisbech Road (covered in green algae) prompting Chris Vaughan from Thorney Youth project to nip out and give it a scrub.

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  • Parish Councillor & new city Councillor Nigel Simons headed up a team of volunteers, comprised of himself, Steve Allen, Richard Brown, Nathan Potts & Sam Godley.
    My very small contribution was to have suggested the idea, although I did wash 7 of the smaller signs.
    Helen Stevens and daughter Tilly, kindly provided some much needed hot beverages.
    A total in excess of 40 signs were washed.
    On the Sunday, Andy Stuffins washed both sides of the hanging sign of the Ex Servicemen’s Club.
    The Monday, Chris Vaughan undertook scrubbing away the algae on the village bench on Wisbech Road.
    Tuesday, saw the removal of the moss from the West Side pavement in Abbey Place.

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