International Dubstep artist is from Thorney!


Thorney’s Rikki Moore is well on his way to becoming one of the world’s top Dubstep artists.

Rikki (25), who performs under the name Trampa, has performed all over Europe, Australia, the USA and South America.

Later this month he starts a three-month tour of North America where he is the headline act.

It’s all a far cry from St Guthlac’s School in Crowland where Rikki first got the opportunity to use some sound-mixing software to produce his own music.

“That’s all he ever wanted to do,” said brother David. “I’d love the school to be able to see where he is now. He even uses the same software today, it’s called Reason.”

The road to musical recognition wasn’t fast. When Rikki left school he carried on making music and gained some recognition with tracks he put out on YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud.

He was mainly producing Dubstep, electronic dance music that originated in south London in the 1990s, but also some Drum ’n’ Bass.

He was invited to do a few gigs at Cafe 24 in Peterborough and the appearances have built up gradually from there.

The electronic music scene is much bigger abroad than it is in the UK and, this year, Rikki did the EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) in Las Vegas, which has several stages and attracted 150,000 people a day.

Rikki is signed to the Never Say Die record label and has a new release just out called Rocket Fuel. You can hear his music by searching for Trampa on You Tube.

Rikki is still living in Thorney, although he now spends many months performing abroad and has had the chance to move to Los Angeles.

“I think he still likes to come home and see family,” said brother David. “He does miss everybody when he’s away. It might sound a glamorous life, but it’s hard work and pretty lonely.

“It is amazing how well he’s done and yet not a lot of people in the village know anything about it. We’re all really proud of him,”

Rikki was born in Thorney and his parents Sherrie and Stephen and grandparents Kate and David Wagg are in the village. As well as brother David (23), Rikki has a sister Sophie (20) and brother Riley (4).

You can hear Trampa’s music by following these links:

Rocket Fuel:



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