Defibrillator Awareness Evening next week

Keep Thorney Beating, the campaign to buy a defibrillator for the village, has now installed the machine at Thorney Medical Centre.

Next Thursday, September 10, there’s a special meeting at the Bedford Hall at 7pm to which everyone in the village is invited.

The evening is to explain how the machine works and how it is used. It is also an opportunity for people willing to volunteer as VETS (Volunteer Emergency Telephone Service) to find out more about that role. VETS would be notified when the defibrillator needs to be used and help make sure it’s used properly and returned safely for future use.

So far around nine people have put their names forward, but if anyone else is interested, they can contact organisers Lynn or Mick Batterbee on 270670.

Lynn is also keen to hear suggestions for where they can position signs telling people the location of the defibrillator.

“Most people in the village will know it’s at the Medical Centre, so these are probably going to be more use for people visiting Thorney. We need to find the right places, so any suggestions would be helpful.”

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