Conservatives win all three council seats

Three Comservative Party councillors will represent Eye, Thorney and Newborough on Peterborough City Council.

It was a clean sweep for the party in our ward and the wins helped the Conservatives to take overall control of the council with 31 seats out of 60.

The full breakdown was: Conservative 31, Labour 14, Lib Dems 7, Liberals 3, Werrington First 3, UKIP 2.

Eye, Thorney and Newborough results:

ALEXANDER, Michael, Green Party – 356
ALLEN, Steve (2nd), Conservative Party – 1,000
BROWN, Richard Andrew (3rd), Conservative Party – 869
HARPER, Carl Matthew, Labour Party – 496
HARRINGTON, David Neil, Independent – 764
HERDMAN, Mary, UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 812
JOHNSON, Scott, Labour Party – 299
MILLS, Layton Mark, UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 667
SANDERS, David Andrew (1st), Conservative Party – 1,299
YASIN, Mohammed, Labour Party – 217

ELECTED: David Sanders, Steve Allen, Andrew Brown.

David Sanders will serve till May 2020.
Steve Allen will serve till May 2019.
Richard Brown will serve till May 2018.

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