Concern over traffic at quarry


Two-hundred lorries per day will be used to bring in waste to fill a gravel quarry in Thorney.

Pode Hole quarry is now fully worked, but more gravel has been extracted than planned and soil set aside to fill in the earthworks is not sufficient.

The owners have applied to Peterborough City Council for permission to infill with waste (not household refuse) and return the land eventually to agricultural use.

The plan involves a six-year project, working from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and on Saturday mornings, where 19 lorries an hour will deliver waste to the site.

Thorney Parish Council considered proposals at its meeting on Monday and said it had major concerns about additional lorries and road safety on the A47.

Russ Bevington said that work would start soon on widening the entrance to Willowhall Road for the Pasture House Farm quarry and if that coincided with this work, then there could be traffic chaos.

The Parish Council will write to the city council expressing these concerns and also suggesting a lower speed limit along this section of the A47 for the duration of the work and that trucks delivering waste do not use roads through the village.

The Parish Council is also keen to see the cycle lane extended to reach Eye, so that people can safely cycle into Peterborough.

Land on the opposite side of the A47 to Pode Hole and Pasture House quarries has also been put forward for a new quarry, extending as far as Bukehorn Road. Planning permission has not yet been sought, but there was a suggestion that if this did go ahead, access would be from Bukehorn Road.

Dorothy Halfhide said she was strongly against that idea. She thought Bukehorn Road was totally unsuitable, it had dangerous junctions at either end and would be a safety risk.


  • Helen Baker

    I agree with Dorothy on this – school buses and farm traffic along with daily traffic are already enough for Bukehorn. Roads are narrow, ditches on either side, no lights and barely even cats eyes. Adding lorries to the mix would be dangerous

  • Sally Long

    There is already too much traffic on the A47. There is an accident almost every week Guyhirn end. How will the road cope with 19 lorries an hour, especially when there is a hold up?

  • Kelvin Owen

    I think extending the cycle lane from Thorney to Eye is a very good idea.

  • Peter Talbott

    the cycleway to Peterborough certainly needs upgrading as once you reach pode hall quarry it effectively stops a situaton made far worse by the ongoing junction works due to finnish winter 2019! what a joke how long does it take to alter a road junction ?

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