Car-jacking scare in village

A Thorney woman is warning people to take care after she was involved in a possible car-jacking attempt in the village this evening.

She asked us not to use her name, but this is what happened in her own words:

“Are you able to post a warning message for me on your Facebook page anonymously please?

“I am concerned after two men stopped the car I was travelling in and were acting very strangely, and thinking about it now I am wondering if they were thinking about car-jacking.

“We were approaching the school (almost at the mini roundabout) and one of the men stood in the middle of the road waving his arms, so we stopped the car. He began ranting and raving, accusing us of almost knocking a child over on the zebra crossing (there was nobody on or near the crossing when we went by).

“He was beckoning for the driver to get out of the car. Luckily we managed to drive around him as the road was clear on the other side, but it is a worry that they could try this with somebody else.

“Please be vigilant everyone, and keep your car doors locked. I have footage from a dash cam that will be handed to the police.”

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