Part-time Post Office at Bedford Hall

Thorney will have a Post Office service, but it may be three months before it can be set up.

The current Post Office at the Rose & Crown pub will close on April 2 and a new, part-time service is being set up in the Parish Meeting Room at the Bedford Hall.

At the beginning of February, a senior officer of Post Office Counters met with representatives of Thorney Parish Council and the Bedford Hall Management Committee to discuss a way of keeping a Post Office facility in Thorney.

The meeting was told that staff from Parson Drove would operate this Post Office, if they were agreeable, and it would be open for two to three sessions a week, each lasting two to three hours.

At a Parish Council meeting on Monday, the decision was taken to set up the Post Office in the Parish meeting room – a ramp is available for disabled customers.  Currently, it is thought that it would open on Monday possibly for four hours, then two more sessions of three hours on days still to be confirmed.

Once the Post Office closes at the Rose & Crown, it could be up to three months until the new Post Office will be up and running.



  • Jenny Henson

    I think this is a very good idea and would benefit the village,

  • Donna Moles

    This is great news and will be a great asset to the villagers especially the elderly if it meant having to travel to a Post Office further a field.

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