Old Thorney Schools

This year, the Duke of Bedford School celebrates its 75th anniversary (it was opened in September 1940). These pictures from the archives of the Thorney Society show the five school buildings that were in place before the Duke of Bedford School opened its doors.

One is now the Community Centre and Library (in Church Street), one is the Ex-Servicemen’s Club, two are private houses and one was demolished.

Can anyone remember attending any of these schools? Let us know at editor@thorneypost.com or call 270137.


  • Wryde Croft School was a wooden building and has now been demolished. This served children living to the north-east of Thorney.

  • Linda Moore

    I attended Northside Primary School from 1958-1963 as Linda Kilham. My older brothers and sisters Carol, Roger, Geoff and Wendy also attended before moving on to senior schools. The two teachers were Miss Williams and Miss Dean and when the school closed finally in summer 1963 there were 32 children split between six classes in the two schoolrooms. Our lunches were shipped in from The Duke of Bedford School every day and then served up to us by Mrs Brown and Mrs Owlish . The toilets were “bucket and chuckit” type. The school caretaker was Mr Yarnold and he lived in the schoolhouse next door. They were very happy days for me and they were excellent teachers. I would walk to school from Bank Farm down North Bank and back again at the end of the day. We had a little bottle of milk for morning break and the crate was put by the big fireplace to warm up in winter (I have never been able to drink warm milk since). Miss Williams and Miss Dean lived together in a schoolhouse on Station Road and drove to school every day in the green Morris 1000 or in summer they cycled. We played marbles and rounders in the playground and had great fun sliding on winter days. Happy days!

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