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Flower Festival meeting


The organisers of Thorney Abbey Flower Festival have called a meeting for all flower arrangers this Wednesday (May 10) at 7.30pm in the Abbey.

The meeting is to co-ordinate plans for displays and colour schemes in order to allocate positions.
“We hope that you will be able to come to that meeting but if this is not possible, we would appreciate it if you could let us know your plans so that we can add it to the overall plan,” said organiser Pauline Coakley.

“Finally, if you know of anyone who would like to be involved in the flower arranging in any way at all, please bring them along to the meeting. Whilst we have already attracted some new faces, we would be delighted to involve as many people as possible.”

Contact Pauline on 270693 or Jane Crossland on 270875 if you need any more information.

Does anyone recognise this family photo


Carol Ann Boyce sent us this photograph showing a family in front of 6 Old Knarr Fen Drove (which was part of the row of cottages that were rebuilt a few years ago).

She thinks the photo would be early 1900s and is trying to find out if the family are related to her.

Does anybody recognise the photo? It’s possible the family is called Popely or Popeley and that was possibly the woman’s maiden name).

Any information, feel free to post or contact Thorney Post on

City Council acts on dog mess after 300 sign petition

Peterborough City Council has agreed to take action about dog mess in the village after 300 people signed a petition.

It was handed in at the March meeting of Thorney Parish Council.

The issue has been taken up by Steve Allen, one of three Peterborough City Councillors representing Thorney, and he has issued this statement:

The city council acknowledges the significant public concern around dog fouling in various areas of Peterborough which, apart from being an anti-social nuisance, is associated with various health risks (particularly to children) and blights our green open space that the city is so proud of.

The Council resolves to:

“Promote responsible dog ownership to reduce the nuisance and health problems associated with dog fouling through an ongoing education and awareness raising programme.

Ensure that, where education is not effective, the city council’s Prevention and Enforcement Officers fine and if necessary prosecute owners that fail to clear up after their dog under current legal powers by way of Fixed Penalty Notices under relevant legislation.

Investigate the use of Public Space Protection Orders to deal with anti-social behaviour associated with irresponsible dog ownership where there is proven dog fouling issue on green open space land or other dog fouling problem areas. The PSPO could provide enforcement officers with the ability to fine a dog owner not in possession of a bag to clear up after their dog, similar to PSPOs being introduced in some other council areas.

Investigate the placing of additional waste bins (for general and dog waste) at strategic locations to further assist and encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets, and to have somewhere to dispose of the waste easily, safely and promptly.

Getting on top of the issue will course require resident’s vigilance as well as co-operation and participation.”

Obituary – Pat Spridgeon

Obit Spridgeon

Patricia Spridgeon, always known as Pat, died on March 5, aged 71.

The widow of Morris Spridgeon, Pat died almost two years to the day after her husband passed away.

They had been a devoted couple – they met in Peterborough when Pat was 15 and Morris 17 and married four years later. Together, they kept the village stores in Sandpit Road for 50 years.

Pat had been born in Paddington. London in 1945, but had moved to Crowland at the age of five when her mother became housekeeper to the White family.

When she left school, she worked at Armstrong’s, the haberdashery store in Peterborough, and met her future husband at a cafe in the city. She married Morris when she was 19 and he was 21 and celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 2014.

Pat moved to Thorney after her marriage and she and Morris ran the shop in Sandpit Road until their retirement eight years ago. For the village of Thorney, they were very much a team serving in the shop and generations of people look back fondly on a treat from Spridgeon’s after school.

Pat and Morris had two children – Marcia and Paul, also six grandchildren (Jemma, Jodie, Abigail, Will, Tyler and Megan) and two great-grandchildren, Elsie, who is 3, and Charlie (18 months).

She loved her garden and also helped work their allotment, which their family are determined to keep going.

The funeral is to take place at Thorney Abbey on Thursday, March 23 at 11.30am. Donations in memory of Pat are being taken for the Firefighter’s Charity and can be sent to Trudy Spridgeon (9 Topham Crescent) or Marcia Brown (2a Tavistock Close).

Everyone is welcome to join the family at the Rose & Crown after the funeral ceremony.

Isabel’s haircut will help others

Isabel Coleman

Isabel Coleman from Thorney is having her long hair cut on Saturday.

But this isn’t an ordinary trip to the hairdressers – Isabel’s hair will be given to a charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer.

She’s also hoping to raise money for the charity – the Little Princess Trust, which has provided more than 5,000 real-hair wigs to boys and girls.

We’ll report on Isabel’s fund-raising efforts (and her haircut) in the April edition of the Thorney Post. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so on-line via:

Thorney Society AGM

The Thorney Society annual meeting takes place at Engine Farm, Wisbech Road, Coates on Friday (July 15).

The meeting starts at 5.30pm and, afterwards, there will be a tour of farmer Gordon Easton’s private collection of vehicles, machinery and memorabilia.

Everyone is welcome, no need to belong to the Thorney Society. If you need transport, call Margaret Fletcher on 270634.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Community Centre committee resigns

Thorney library

The management committee of the Community Centre in Church Street have resigned.

Their resignation, effective from the end of October, means there is no management committee in place and no-one to take bookings.

The committee was down to three people – John Bartlett, Jean Bartlett and Russ Bevington. In a statement, they explained they were quitting for a number of reasons:

  • the uncertainty of the future of the building within the City Council’s review of assets in Thorney
  • the prolonged negotiations of Thorney Pre-School’s move to the Children’s Centre at the Duke of Bedford School and the present financial situation of Pre-School.

“These are all items over which the committee members have no control and were, therefore, uncomfortable about. Before a final decision was made the matter of withdrawing their services was discussed with our local City Councillor and a representative from the City Council.

“Meetings were subsequently held with the two main users of the building – Pre-School and Rainbows/Brownies and Guides and neither party raised any objections to any of the decisions that had been made.

“Both groups were given the name of the person at the City Council to contact regarding their future use of the building. All other users have also been appraised of the situation. It was made clear that any outstanding monies from Pre-School would not be pursued.”

Over the years, the management committee has accumulated a sum of money and this has been deposited in a dedicated account for the benefit of the community, held for the time being by Thorney Parish Council.

This money is now available to be spent on community projects and people are free to apply to the Parish Council.

“This transfer of funds is acceptable to both our City Councillor and Peterborough City Council,” the management committee statement said.

The city council plans to sell the Community Centre and Library buildings in Church Street and Thorney Parish Council is anxious to see the money from the sal retained in the village, not go into the council’s general coffers.

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