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Brexiteers to give progress report


Former deputy chair of UKIP, Suzanne Evans, will be in Thorney on Monday night as part of a pro-Brexit panel speaking at the Bedford Hall.

Ms Evans has been one of the leading figures in the Brexit campaign, having been deputy chair of UKIP from 2014 to 2016. She has often been at loggerheads with its colourful leader, Nigel Farage, and was suspended from the party for a period last year, which prevented her from contesting the leadership.

Also speaking will be Patrick O’Flynn, UKIP MEP for the East of England, and Brendan Chilton of Labour Leave.

The meeting is free and starts at 7pm.

Is Jack the oldest man from Thorney?

Jack Gee 100

Jack Gee, who is believed to be the oldest man born in Thorney, celebrated his 100th birthday on April 17.

He was able to enjoy the company of five generations of his family, with ages ranging from 100 years to two years old.

His daughter Marguerite Light says he is hale and hearty and enjoys life. He was given a copy of the book Thorney in Focus for his birthday and he has been engrossed in it, taking great pleasure in pointing out familiar places to his family and recounting tales about the place he still refers to as home.

Marguerite says she has offered to bring him back for a look round and he would love to come, but it’s really too long a journey for him to make from his home in Dorset.

Jack was born in Thorney and lived on English Road where his father worked as a farm manager. The family lived in Elder House, which is now Thorney Lakes Golf Club.

He left school at 14 and worked in a cycle shop in the village repairing cycles and making cycle wheels and then worked in Peterborough, also on cycle repairs.

When he was 18, he decided to try for the RAF and went to London with a friend to sit an exam. He passed and was told to report to Uxbridge the next day, so he never returned home.

In the RAF, he served in Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Africa, Egypt and Cyprus. His job was an engineer, but he flew regularly. One of his first postings was to Moreton in Dorset, where he met and married his wife. It was a whirlwind romance; they wed within three months and remained married for 74 years.

After the Second World War, Jack returned to Upway in Dorset and worked as a market gardener with his father-in-law. Later, he converted the market garden into a watercress farm.

He has two daughters, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Jack wrote a book called The Fenman about his early life and there’s a copy of it in Thorney Heritage Museum.

We don’t know for sure whether Jack is the oldest surviving son (or daughter) of Thorney. If you know of anyone older (living or dead), we’d love to hear from you.

Thorney Life photo competition

Thorney Dyke
Do you have any photos depicting Thorney Life?
As part of the annual Thorney Fun Day, the organisers, Fenlands Family Church, are staging a photographic competition and want to see images which depict life in Thorney.
These could be anything from views of the village to people working or playing. It’s a deliberately wide brief to stimulate your imagination.
To enter, all you have to do is send a .jpg image to It doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone or a fancy camera, it’s the end result we want to see.
Photos will be displayed at the Bedford Hall on August 19, when the Thorney Fun Day is staged by the Fenlands Family Church.
Judging will take place on the day with prizes for the winners.  There are two classes for entrants: photographs taken by entrants under 21 years and photographs taken by entrants over 21 years.
The best photos will be featured in the December edition of the Thorney Post and there will be a small treat for the winners.

Perfume warning

People who bought perfume from a car boot sale at Wellington Street, Peterborough, are being warned it could harm their skin.

The perfumes include Chanel, Kenzo, Hugo Boss and Dior and were found to be counterfeit. They were being sold as 30 to 40ml demonstrators or testers.

Peterborough Trading Standards say they have been found to contain high levels of methanol and can damage the skin.

Bedford Hall annual meeting

Bedford Hall

The annual meeting of the Bedford Hall Management Committee takes place on Thursday, May 25, at 7pm in the Bedford Hall.

The meeting comes at a critical time, with Peterborough City Council looking to transfer ownership of the complex (and its costs) to the village.

The committee wants as many villagers as possible to attend the meeting.

Flower Festival meeting


The organisers of Thorney Abbey Flower Festival have called a meeting for all flower arrangers this Wednesday (May 10) at 7.30pm in the Abbey.

The meeting is to co-ordinate plans for displays and colour schemes in order to allocate positions.
“We hope that you will be able to come to that meeting but if this is not possible, we would appreciate it if you could let us know your plans so that we can add it to the overall plan,” said organiser Pauline Coakley.

“Finally, if you know of anyone who would like to be involved in the flower arranging in any way at all, please bring them along to the meeting. Whilst we have already attracted some new faces, we would be delighted to involve as many people as possible.”

Contact Pauline on 270693 or Jane Crossland on 270875 if you need any more information.

Does anyone recognise this family photo


Carol Ann Boyce sent us this photograph showing a family in front of 6 Old Knarr Fen Drove (which was part of the row of cottages that were rebuilt a few years ago).

She thinks the photo would be early 1900s and is trying to find out if the family are related to her.

Does anybody recognise the photo? It’s possible the family is called Popely or Popeley and that was possibly the woman’s maiden name).

Any information, feel free to post or contact Thorney Post on

City Council acts on dog mess after 300 sign petition

Peterborough City Council has agreed to take action about dog mess in the village after 300 people signed a petition.

It was handed in at the March meeting of Thorney Parish Council.

The issue has been taken up by Steve Allen, one of three Peterborough City Councillors representing Thorney, and he has issued this statement:

The city council acknowledges the significant public concern around dog fouling in various areas of Peterborough which, apart from being an anti-social nuisance, is associated with various health risks (particularly to children) and blights our green open space that the city is so proud of.

The Council resolves to:

“Promote responsible dog ownership to reduce the nuisance and health problems associated with dog fouling through an ongoing education and awareness raising programme.

Ensure that, where education is not effective, the city council’s Prevention and Enforcement Officers fine and if necessary prosecute owners that fail to clear up after their dog under current legal powers by way of Fixed Penalty Notices under relevant legislation.

Investigate the use of Public Space Protection Orders to deal with anti-social behaviour associated with irresponsible dog ownership where there is proven dog fouling issue on green open space land or other dog fouling problem areas. The PSPO could provide enforcement officers with the ability to fine a dog owner not in possession of a bag to clear up after their dog, similar to PSPOs being introduced in some other council areas.

Investigate the placing of additional waste bins (for general and dog waste) at strategic locations to further assist and encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets, and to have somewhere to dispose of the waste easily, safely and promptly.

Getting on top of the issue will course require resident’s vigilance as well as co-operation and participation.”

Obituary – Pat Spridgeon

Obit Spridgeon

Patricia Spridgeon, always known as Pat, died on March 5, aged 71.

The widow of Morris Spridgeon, Pat died almost two years to the day after her husband passed away.

They had been a devoted couple – they met in Peterborough when Pat was 15 and Morris 17 and married four years later. Together, they kept the village stores in Sandpit Road for 50 years.

Pat had been born in Paddington. London in 1945, but had moved to Crowland at the age of five when her mother became housekeeper to the White family.

When she left school, she worked at Armstrong’s, the haberdashery store in Peterborough, and met her future husband at a cafe in the city. She married Morris when she was 19 and he was 21 and celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 2014.

Pat moved to Thorney after her marriage and she and Morris ran the shop in Sandpit Road until their retirement eight years ago. For the village of Thorney, they were very much a team serving in the shop and generations of people look back fondly on a treat from Spridgeon’s after school.

Pat and Morris had two children – Marcia and Paul, also six grandchildren (Jemma, Jodie, Abigail, Will, Tyler and Megan) and two great-grandchildren, Elsie, who is 3, and Charlie (18 months).

She loved her garden and also helped work their allotment, which their family are determined to keep going.

The funeral is to take place at Thorney Abbey on Thursday, March 23 at 11.30am. Donations in memory of Pat are being taken for the Firefighter’s Charity and can be sent to Trudy Spridgeon (9 Topham Crescent) or Marcia Brown (2a Tavistock Close).

Everyone is welcome to join the family at the Rose & Crown after the funeral ceremony.

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