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Better service promised at post office

Thorney’s part-time Post Office is up and running with fresh equipment and new personnel so the problems that have been experienced are hopefully now a thing of the past.

It is run out of the Parson Drove Post Office so should you have any problems, please ring Jayne or Phil for assistance on 01945 700 511.

The opening hours remain the same:

Mondays 10.00am until 2.00pm

Wednesdays 11.00am until 2.00pm

Fridays 11.00am until 2.00pm

Please make good use of this important facility in the village. The Post Office is at the Bedford Hall, in the meeting room, just around the corner from the main entrance.

Part-time Post Office closed indefinitely

Problems with damp in the Bedford Hall means that Thorney’s part-time post office will remain closed for the immediate future.

The damp is close to a power socket and safety fears mean the office will be closed until it can be moved.

Thorney Parish Council paid to have this resolved two weeks ago. However, the Post Office are still waiting for BT to move the broadband connection which should have been done last week but BT failed to show up.

The Post Office are dealing with this and it is out of the hands of the Parish Council. A spokesman said they would keep people informed and let the village know when normal service has been resumed.

Part-time Post Office now open

Thorney’s part-time Post Office is now open in the Bedford Hall.

The service is open three days per week at the following times:

Monday: 10am to 2pm

Wednesday: 11am to 2pm

Friday: 11am to 2pm

The Post Office is sited in the parish meeting room at the back of the Bedford Hall (just around the corner from the main entrance) and there is a wheelchair ramp.

No more local parcels pick-up


People in Thorney will have to re-arrange delivery or pick up undelivered parcels from Peterborough after this weekend.

The move follows closure of Thorney’s sub post office in the Rose & Crown pub.

Royal Mail says first priority will be to leave the parcel with a neighbour if you’re not at home. If that can’t be done, you have the option of collecting the parcel from the Peterborough Delivery Office at Papyrus Road or re-arranging delivery for a time when you will be at home.

Items marked Special Delivery or international items requiring a signature can’t be left with neighbours.

Part-time Post Office at Bedford Hall

Thorney will have a Post Office service, but it may be three months before it can be set up.

The current Post Office at the Rose & Crown pub will close on April 2 and a new, part-time service is being set up in the Parish Meeting Room at the Bedford Hall.

At the beginning of February, a senior officer of Post Office Counters met with representatives of Thorney Parish Council and the Bedford Hall Management Committee to discuss a way of keeping a Post Office facility in Thorney.

The meeting was told that staff from Parson Drove would operate this Post Office, if they were agreeable, and it would be open for two to three sessions a week, each lasting two to three hours.

At a Parish Council meeting on Monday, the decision was taken to set up the Post Office in the Parish meeting room – a ramp is available for disabled customers.  Currently, it is thought that it would open on Monday possibly for four hours, then two more sessions of three hours on days still to be confirmed.

Once the Post Office closes at the Rose & Crown, it could be up to three months until the new Post Office will be up and running.


Post office closes doors as Gill retires – now we’re off to the pub

2015-03-17 08.57.23

Thorney’s sub-post office closes its doors this week as postmistress Gill Taylor retires after 14 years.

She’s now looking forward to a nice holiday with husband John.

The post office is moving to the Rose & Crown (it opens there on Thursday, March 19) and the current premises will be converted into a cottage and sold.

“It’s a shame as it is the last shop to go in this part of the village, but I’m pleased that the pub has taken it on,” said Gill. “It would have been so sad if the village had lost the post office completely.”

She has enjoyed her time running the business and says she has met some lovely people. “I will miss them, but after running the place single-handed I’m really looking forward to a rest.”

She became postmistress just as the post office was being computerised and has seen the business branch out into lots of different areas. “There are now so many things you can do at the post office – we could offer credit cards, arrange mortgages, you could even book tickets for National Express coaches on the computer.”

Other changes were less welcome. The loss of TV licensing took away a chunk of revenue and other services have gone on-line, bypassing the need to go into the post office.

“It’s almost as if the government has been strangling small post offices; it’s become harder and harder. With everything now commission-based, I don’t think anyone would be able to buy a post office as a business and make it pay.

“It’s lucky Steve at the Rose & Crown can incorporate into that business. I hope people support him and it does well.”

Gill was born in Elstree, Hertfordshire and her first job was in a bank just across the road from the Elstree film studios. She and her colleagues were able to do a little celebrity spotting between customers and she saw Roger Moore when he was filming James Bond, also Cliff Richard making Summer Holiday.

She moved to Thorney 40 years ago when husband John came to work for an agricultural machinery specialist. They have three sons, one daughter and two grandchildren.

She and John were members of Thorney Abbey choir for many years.


Gill Taylor, says she has been absolutely “blown away” by the number of good wishes, cards, flowers and gifts she has received from individuals; as well as a large bouquet of flowers from the parish council.

“Through the Thorney Post, I’d like to thank everyone for their good wishes and kindness, it’s been really lovely. I didn’t expect anything like the response there has been, it’s been wonderful.”

“I’m not on Facebook, but my daughter showed me how many people had posted their good wishes on the page. Thank you everyone.”