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Parish Council wants more information on holiday homes plan

Thorney Lakes Lodges

Thorney Parish Council says it has not been given enough information to make a recommendation with regards to planning permission for 17 holiday lodges/caravans at the golf club on English Drove.

This is its response to the city council:

There is no Consultee Representation in respect of Archaeology. This seems to be an important omission as a previous planning application on this site for the installation of ground mounted solar PV panels was refused on the grounds of the impact the installation may have on undiscovered buried heritage assets.

We recognise that this application differs from the solar panel application but would anticipate, nevertheless, that an archaeological report would be a requirement. This would permit us to take a view on the impact, if any, on this application. Can we please be provided with such a report?

We note that other Consultee representations raise queries and suggest conditions, for example, the Tree Officer’s Representation. Can we please be provided with a copy of the responses you receive to these queries?

As these are holiday homes we would be grateful if we can be informed of what holiday related activities may take place, together with an assessment of the possible noise levels that could be generated by these activities. This information is requested in order that an assessment can be made on the possible disturbance/invasion of privacy these activities may have on local residents.

We are aware that the site is to be well screened by vegetation and fencing which may (or may not) fully screen the lodges from view as claimed by the applicant. Although lack of screening may not be a valid objection on planning grounds we query the suggestion that a holiday lodge may have a roof terrace/balcony.  Overlooking from such a terrace may constitute an invasion of the privacy of the residents of a  neighbouring property.

Can we also be informed as to how the site and its entrance will be illuminated. The Landscape Representation makes a comment about lighting that would not be considered suitable. We would be pleased to see a lighting scheme that meets with the approval of the planning department. Again, this is requested in order that we can be satisfied that any lighting will not have a detrimental or disturbing impact on local residents.

In the documents there is a certain amount of content which we assume represents a Business Plan. We are not in anyway experts on this form of plan but would be grateful for the City Council’s advice as to whether or not the information submitted constitutes a robust and viable plan on a long-term basis.

Is the City Council satisfied that the Holiday Lodges/Caravans will not be sold as full-time residential accommodation? What would be the procedure taken by the City Council should it become apparent that any of the Holiday Lodges are being used as permanent residences.

Several local residents were present at the 13th November meeting of the Parish Council. They appraised the Council of their views on the additional information which are contained in a document prepared by Ian Glading. We confirm that we fully endorse the contents of this document which will be submitted by Mr Glading

Until the above items are responded to we still do not feel we are able to make an overall and thorough assessment of this application. We have not, therefore, been able to determine whether or not we are in favour of or against the application. In the meantime, Thorney Parish Council confirms that it objects to any approvals being granted to this application.

Drought-damaged roads closed for repairs


Peterborough City Council is embarking on a lengthy schedule to repair drought-damaged roads around Thorney in the next couple of months. Due to deep excavations required, roads will be closed for the duration of the work.

Roads affected are:

B1167 French Drove, Thorney – December 4 for three weeks

B1040 Crowland Road, Thorney – December 4 for one week

B1443 Thorney Road, Newborough – February 5 for one week

B1443 Bukehorn, Thorney – January 10 for one week four days

B1040 Whittlesey Road (North of Thorney Dyke), Thorney – January 16 for two weeks

B1167 Wisbech Road, Thorney – January 8 for two weeks

B1167 New Cut (East Wryde to Wallace Drove) – January 22 for one week

B1167 New Cut (English Drove to French Drove) – January 29 for one week

B1040 Station Road, Thorney – February 12 for one week

A council spokesman said they would be issuing letters to residents within the area of the works as well as advance warning signs.


Fire Service recruiting on-call firefighters

Fire helmets

The village fire station is short of on-call firefighters to man the engine and respond to emergencies.

These part-time roles are open to men and women of any age, who can pass the fitness test, and undertake a training course.

On-call firefighters are paid a retainer and also receive additional pay for call-outs. To qualify you have to live or work within five minutes drive of the fire station at the Bedford Hall.

If you want to find out more, Cambs Fire & Rescue Service is hosting a Taster Session at 7pm on November 23.

During this hands-on session, you’ll participate in drills relating to Road Traffic Collisions and Casualty Evacuation, and you’ll also have the chance to ask the crews any questions you might have about life on-call.

They can only accommodate 12 people for the session, so if you’re interested you’ll need to book your place by e-maiing before November 20.

A47 road closures extended to weekend


The A47 will be closed overnight for the next two weekends as well as the ongoing week-day closures.

Highways England says delays caused by bad weather means that extra work during the weekend is needed to catch up.

The A47 will be closed between 8pm and 6am this weekend (Oct 28-29) and next weekend (Nov 4-5).

The closure is between Guyhirn roundabout and New Bridge Lane and will affect X1 bus services.

No bags for waste-food bins


Peterborough City Council refuse contractor Amey has run out of green bags for food-waste bins.

Following complaints from people in the village, councillor for Eye, Thorney and Newborough, Steve Allen, raised the issue with Amey and was told the following:

“We are currently awaiting a delivery of food waste liners so are unable to provide any at present as our supplier is currently experiencing longer lead times than normal.

“An order was placed some time ago and we are expecting delivery shortly.

“In the meantime we advise that food waste can be placed into bins either loose, wrapped in newspaper or placed into plastic bags.”


A47 improvements delayed

Two major road-improvement schemes scheduled for the A47 have been delayed following a government review.

Work to improve the A47 junction at Guyhirn and a scheme to extend the Castor bypass so the A47 is dual-carriageway all the way to the A1 are both caught by the rethink.

The government says too many roadworks had been scheduled to take place at one time and would have caused unnecessary delays.

No start date is given for the two A47 improvements affected, but the delay could be up to two years.

Check this out, mate


A new after-school chess club is starting at the Duke of Bedford School after half-term.

The club is the brainchild of school governor Bert Brookes and it will be free to attend, with complete beginners especially welcome.

“Chess is a marvellous game,” said Bert. “It teaches children problem solving and maths skills and gets the brain working in ways that modern computer games can’t match.

“It’s a chance for children in the village to learn to play chess and I hope to be able to introduce a school chess competition, with an overall prize and also prizes for each year group.”

The club will be open to any child in Key Stage 2, so from year 3 upwards. It will run on Mondays, starting November 6, immediately after school for 45 minutes.

Deadly bird disease found in village


Birds suffering from a deadly disease, that has caused a 60 per cent drop in the population of some species, have been found in Thorney.

Local birdwatcher Eric Rayner has found a number of greenfinches suffering from the disease in his garden and is urging people in the village to stop using birdfeeders until the end of the month.

“The disease, called trichomonosis, is caused by a parasite and June to September are the peak months for transmission,” he said.

“It affects greenfinches and chaffinches most commonly, but also many other species of garden bird.

“It is spread by birds on garden feeders. It has been in the UK for more than a decade and has reduced the population of greenfinches by over 60 per cent. This is the first time I’ve seen any evidence of it in Thorney.”

Because the disease is spread when birds flock to garden feeders, advice from the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) is to stop feeding for two to four weeks when any signs of the disease are present. This causes flocks to disperse and minimises the risk of spreading the parasite.

The BTO also says you should remove water as well as food. When you re-establish feeding, it is a good idea to move feeders around to prevent a build-up of discarded food below the feeder; change water daily and clean feeders at least once a week.

“It is easy to miss a dead or sick bird in the garden,” said Eric. “But if the disease is present in my garden, the chances are it will be present throughout the village.

“Many people enjoy feeding birds and it’s great to see them in the garden, but for their own good please stop feeding until the end of the month.”

Trichomonosis cannot be passed to humans or other mammals such as dogs and cats.

A47 closed overnight for six weeks


The A47 is to be closed overnight for six weeks to allow for resurfacing; also new signs and new road markings to be installed.

Closures start on Monday and will be in force from 8pm to 6am.

In the first phase, the road will be closed from New Cut roundabout (at the eastern end of the Thorney bypass) to Guyhirn roundabout. This will last from October 9-20.

Between October 13 to October 17, the road will also be closed from Guyhirn to the South Brink roundabout at Wisbech.

From October 16 to November 16, the closures will affect the A47 from just before Guyhirn as far as New Bridge Lane on the Wisbech bypass.

Official diversions take traffic through Whittlesey  and Stanground on the southern loop and via the A17 to Spalding and then A16 to Peterborough. These are long diversions and it seems inevitable that traffic will use back roads through Wisbech St Mary, Pasron Drove and Thorney to the north and from Whittlesey to Peterborough via North Bank or Thorney to the south.

Work is being undertaken by Graham Construction and you can e-mail them on


Shoebox collectors get busy


The team of villagers who collect shoeboxes full of Christmas goodies for less fortunate children are getting busy again.

This annual appeal is the world’s largest children’s Christmas project and last year almost 11.5 million boxes were distributed to more than 100 countries.

Thorney contributed 80 boxes and ours went to children in Ukraine.

Organiser Kathie Williams said: “Thanks to Thorney folk, 80 children had a wonderful Christmas surprise. It was likely their only Christmas present.”

All donated items should be new and they need to be small as they have to be packed inside a shoebox.

Kathie is looking for:

:: Toys – cuddly toys, dolls, cars, balls, skipping ropes, musical instruments, puppets.

:: Stationery – pens, pencils, felt-tips, wax crayons, notebooks, pencil cases, sketchbooks.

:: Hygiene items – toilet bags, wrapped soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, hairbrushes, flannels.

:: Other items – hats, caps, scarves, gloves, wind-up torches, hair bits, jewellery, sunglasses, sweets.

The team is also looking for donations to cover delivery (it costs £5 per box) and help to wrap up boxes in Christmas paper.

Kathie is looking for all donations to be with her by November 3 and the sorting team will meet the following day.

Items can be left at 9 The Maltings or dropped off at Thorney Abbey. Leaflets and a display about the project are in the Abbey.

You can contact Kathie on 270731.

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