Campaign to reinstate half-hourly bus service


A campaign is being launched to re-establish a half-hourly bus service in the village.

Two members of the public turned up at Thorney Parish Council’s monthly meeting on Monday to complain about the poor bus service.

Rita Young said it was crazy that two buses left for Peterborough within minutes of each other and then there was nothing for an hour.

Les Lazell blamed council cuts. He said bus subsidies had gone down from £1.2 million to £750,000 and were due to be cut to £600,000 next year. He said this was a political decision.

Parish councillor Dorothy Halfhide said she would take this up. She used the bus herself and had been canvassing opinion through the Thorney Post Community Forum Facebook page. She said it was clear that what might have seemed like a minor change was having a big effect on people who use the bus.

Ray Wood said the bus was only saving four minutes by not stopping in Thorney.

The Parish Council agreed it would write a letter in support of a campaign to reinstate the half-hourly service.

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  • Les lazell

    Peterborough is the most car dependant city in the country. Rural bus services are a mismatch of unrelated services. If the X1 cannot be routed in every 30 minutes other services could be increased to compensate. The councillors we elected voted for the reductions in bus services as well as increasing their pay . They can easily put a motion down in council calling for an increase in funding buses. Or they can do what they usually do and pretend it’s nothing to do with them and shed crocodile tears trying to persuade the people who voted them into office that protests and petitions are the solution, rather than the reversal of policies they have endorsed

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