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Amelia and Mohammed top names in Peterborough

Road to Whittlesey closed for two weeks

The B1040 road to Whittlesey will be closed between Thorney Dyke and 25 North Side for almost two weeks in January.

The closure will take effect on January 9 and last until January 21.

It is closing to allow for road and footpath repairs and means anyone wishing to go to Whittlesey will have to take a long diversion through Guyhirn or along Willowhall Road and North Bank.

The B1040 (Station Road, Thorney) was closed for four weeks during November and December to allow utility services to be installed to houses being built to the rear of the Rose & Crown.


Listen for carol singers

Listen out for carol singers on Thursday evening (December 22).

Thorney Children’s Community Choir will be carol singing around the village between 4pm and 6pm, finishing up at The Lovely Little Tea Room for mulled wine and mince pies.

“We won’t get round everybody, but we’ll try and work out a schedule his weekend so we can decide where to be at what times,” said leader Matthew Coates.

Water main bursts on Wisbech Road

2016-12-13 09.02.29

Residents on Wisbech Road woke up this morning to find a huge pool of water just inches from their doors.

A water main burst during the night opposite Woburn Drive and flooded the front gardens of half a dozen homes.

It was spotted about 6am and it was about an hour before Anglian Water arrived.

Parish councillor Dorothy Halfhide, who lives in one of the cottages affected said the engineers were at first unable to locate the stop cock to turn the water off and it took almost an hour before the flow of water could be stemmed.

Other residents had called the fire brigade, who said they would not attend because it was not a life-threatening situation. They eventually relented and sent a tender from Dogsthorpe, which was able to pump water across Wisbech Road into the open drain that runs alongside the road.

Water levels were going down from about 8.30am, but it had been a close-run thing. “The water was just an inch or so from flooding into our house,” said Dorothy Halfhide.

“It reached that point and was then running off around the end of the houses and into gardens.”

Some of the houses have solid floors and some have floorboards and a cavity. It’s not clear at this stage whether water has got underneath floorboards in some properties.

Other parts of Thorney were affected by low water pressure due to the leak and shutting off supply.

Campaigners want play equipment for older children

A campaign to install play equipment for older children in Thorney park has been launched.

The idea was sparked by a post on the Thorney Community Forum Facebook page complaining about lack of facilities for older children in the park.

Parent Chris Vaughan, who made the post, received lots of support from other people and went to Thorney Parish Council’s November meeting to press its backing.

The park is owned by Peterborough City Council and they are responsible for maintenance, repairs and provision of play equipment, so the Parish Council have no direct powers. They were, however, supportive of Chris’ views and city councillors at the meeting said they’d be interested to see what people wanted.

Chris, along with parish councillor Nathan Potts are going to try to progress the project and want to hear from anyone that would be interested in helping. They are also interested to hear what the children of Thorney would like to see in their park, and any ideas from grown-ups to help raise money.
The play equipment for younger children in the park was bought by fund-raising by local people and ownership transferred to the City Council once installed.

If you can help or have any suggestions please contact: Chris on 07979 043349, e-mail: or Nathan on 271074, e-mail:

Plans for Bedford Hall

A number of meetings have taken place between Thorney Parish Council, the Management Committee of the Bedford Hall and Peterborough City Council.

At the October meeting of the Parish Council senior officers of Peterborough City Council laid out their plans for passing the running of the whole of the Bedford Hall complex over to the Parish Council and the Management Committee.

All monies raised by the sale of the library and the old social centre in Church Street would be spent in Thorney, paying for converting the empty part of the Bedford Hall into a library and possibly moving the Post Office into better accommodation (subject to Post Office Counters consent).

Both the Parish Council and the Management Committee have been pressing for a full survey to be undertaken of the whole of the Bedford Hall complex, including the Museum, and especially the basement. The City Council has now agreed to fund this survey.  If a decision to take over the whole of the complex by Thorney is made then all the maintenance cost would be the responsibility of the new trustees.

After a great deal of lobbying by our three City Councillors, and the Parish Council, Peterborough City Council has now agreed to carry out emergency repairs to make the Tower watertight.

Parish Council Chairman, John Bartlett said: “Discussions are currently ongoing with the City Council, so I will keep you updated as to how matters are progressing.”