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Full list of election candidates

Peterborough Town Hall

Peterborough goes to the polls on Thursday, May 5 with Thorney being asked to elect three new councillors to represent the village.

Previously, Eye and Thorney ward has had two councillors, but changes to the council means our old ward is scrapped and we are now in a new ward covering Thorney, Eye, Newborough and Borough Fen.

We’re being asked to elect three councillors to represent the new area and the size of Peterborough City Council is increasing from 57 councillors to 60.  Each elected councillor gets a basic salary of about £7,000 per year.

Thorney Parish Council objected to the new proposals on the grounds that Eye, with a far larger population than Thorney and Newborough, would elect councillors from that village due to their greater population. Eye is large enough to have its own elected councillor but the Electoral Commission did not take this into account.

Ten people are standing for election for Eye, Thorney and Newborough ward, including the two sitting councillors – David Sanders and Richard Brown.

The Conservative party is fielding three candidates, Labour three, UKIP two and there’s one independent and one Green. The full list (by party):


Steve Allen of Broadway, Peterborough.

Richard Brown of Upton Close, Stanground.

David Sanders of Temples Court, Peterborough.


Michael Alexander of Wisbech Road, Thorney.


David Harrington of Willow Drove, Borough Fen.


Carl Harper of Cleve Place, Eye.

Scott Johnson of Ulverston Close, Peterborough.

Mohammed Yasin of Sallows Road, Peterborough


Mary Herdman of Wisbech Road, Thorney

Layton Mills of Walsingham Way, Eye


On the same day as Peterborough councillors are being elected, there’s a vote to decide the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

Four people, all members of mainstream political parties, are standing for this position. They are:

Jason Ablewhite (Conservative) of Pettis Road, St Ives.

Dave Baigent (Labour) of Cavendish Road, Cambridge.

Nick Clarke (UKIP) of Stretham Gardens, Papworth Everard.

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats) of Prickwillow Road, Queen Adelaide, Ely.